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                      King Features Syndicate - A Unit of Hearst Corporation

1. Beetle Bailey Daily/Manila Bulletin
2. Blondie Daily/Manila Bulletin
3. Dennis the Menace Daily/Manila Bulletin
4. Sunday Super Crossword/Manila Bulletin
5. Hi and Lois Sunday/Manila Bulletin
6. Zits Daily/Manila Bulletin
7. Marvin Daily/Manila Bulletin
8. Mother Goose & Grimm Daily/Manila Bulletin
9. Marvin Sunday/The Philippine Star
10. Amazing Spiderman Sunday/The Philippine Star
11. Hagar the Horrible Sunday/The Philippine Star
12. Phantom Sunday/The Philippine Star
13. Beetle Bailey Sunday/The Philippine Star
14. Blondie Sunday/The Philippine Star
15. Amazing Spiderman Daily/The Philippine Star
16. Hagar The Horrible Daily/The Philippine Star
17. Phantom Daily/The Philippine Star
18. Rip Kirby Daily/The Philippine Star
19. Buckles Sunday/Philippine Daily Inquirer
20. Premier Crossword Sunday/Philippine Daily Inquirer
21. Your Individual Horoscope Daily/Philippine Daily Inquirer
22. Zits Sunday/Philippine Daily Inquirer
23. Sudoku Daily/Philippine Daily Inquirer
24. Baby Blues Daily/Philippine Daily Inquirer
25. Mutts Daily/Philippine Daily Inquirer
26. Thomas Joseph Crossword Daily/Business World
27. Sheffer Crossword Daily/The Manila Times
28. King Features Weekly Service/The Manila Times
29. Blondie Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
29. Blondie Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
30. Dennis the Menace Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
31. Dennis the Menace Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
32. Popeye Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
33. Popeye Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines

                      Universal Uclick/United Media/United Features

1. Born Loser Daily/Manila Bulletin
2. Sudoku X Mini Daily Online/Manila Bulletin
3. Calvin & Hobbes Daily/The Philippine Star
4. Calvin & Hobbes Sunday/The Philippine Star
5. Overboard Sunday/The Philippine Star
6. Dilbert Daily/The Philippine Star
7. Dilbert Sunday/The Philippine Star
8. Peanuts Daily/The Philippine Star
9. Peanuts Sunday/The Philippine Star
10. Ripley's Believe It or Not Daily/The Philippine Star
11. Garfield Sunday/Philippine Daily Inquirer
12. Universal Sudoku Daily/Business World
13. Richard Roeper/Business World
14. Tune In Tonight/Business World
15. Last Word In Astrology/Business Mirror
16. Universal Crossword/Business Mirror
17. Peanuts Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
18. Peanuts Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
19. Garfield Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
20. Garfield Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
21. Ripleys Believe It or Not Daily/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines
22. Ripleys Believe It or Not Sunday/G-Gateway Mobile Philippines

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